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Imagine How EASY Life Would Be if Only You Had a Constant Stream of Dozens
of Brand New Leads Ready to Take a Look at Your Offer... Well...
Here's How To Do Just That...
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In this incredibly comprehensive course, I share with you EVERYTHING (from what color your buttons should be to even writing compelling headlines that nearly guarantee that your visitors enter their information to receive your free gift).

Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect to see when you get inside today…

Why having a video on your capture page can either HURT your conversions or double them (hint: it’s all about timing)
Why using a generic capture page is the way of the amateur (and the quickest way to get banned from Facebook and other platforms like it)
My simple 3-point script for crafting the PERFECT capture page video (it's so easy you'll wonder how you made videos without it...)
How to hook & captivate your prospects with potent little headlines. We're even showing you how to write them with out 15 different formulas to choose from (even if you're not a pro-copywriter)
Plus, 54 word-for-word swipe templates for your Headlines, Bullet points, and calls-to-action (so you never get stuck with what to say...)
The 3 things you MUST do on your ‘thank you’ page (or risk losing credibility and wasting your ad dollars on getting new leads)
What to say in your very first follow up email to MAXIMIZE your relationship with your new “lead” (pro-tip: ALWAYS remember that you’re dealing with real-living human beings… not just “leads”)
My “secret” weapon for creating credibility right on your capture page (hint: Almost NO one does this… and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why)
The three types of colors you should avoid like the plague! (use these at your own RISK!)
Well, Wait... If It’s So Simple… Why Am I Not Already Getting The Results I Want?
Easy. It’s because there’s a LOT of theory in the marketing World… a lot of “what to do…”

But, not a lot of HOW to do it.

That's what makes the "Magnetic List Building Blueprint" so different and so successful...

Because we show you HOW to Use all of this new knowledge
See, unless you’ve got an exact blueprint for creating all of this then it can be VERY time-consuming and difficult to put together from scratch.

I know… Because I’ve done it many times. It’s not fun.

That’s why I created these blueprints, plans, and formulas. Not only because it’s "good for business", but because I’d lose my mind if I didn’t have these same blueprints, plans, and formulas to use in my own marketing funnels.

Which… as you can see, I do USE them.

Let’s be honest… Marketing… being a digital entrepreneur is NOT always as easy as it sounds.

It can be quite complicated. Add a full-time job (plus a girlfriend... boyfriend... spouse) on top of that and you really don’t have much time or energy to mess around with this stuff.

That’s why the Magnetic List Building Blueprint is so important for you and your business right now…
Okay... So How Difficult Is This?
When I created this course… as with all of our courses… 

I meticulously crafted each module and each video so that NO QUESTION is left unanswered… no rock left unturned.

It’s not only incredibly comprehensive though…

When you get inside, you’ll also discover that each module leads into the next. So, it’s not just a “how-to” course… It’s really a roadmap and guide to creating a finished and working lead funnel.

In module 3 (the final module) if you followed along, you’ll actually put the final touches on your entire funnel and have a working machine to start attracting new leads and sales.

Each video is clear, concise, and no fluff.

That’s what our past customers love so much about our courses.
“So, how QUICKLY can I expect to see results?”
Great question.

Well, you can get through the entire course in about 3 hours (that’s including what I think is a very fair amount of time to actually work along with each video)

If using technology is like a foreign language to you, you might add an extra hour or two on to that. ..

...And after you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a lead attraction funnel ready to be used anywhere you’d like…

Share it on social media and watch as new leads flow into your list…

Create a Facebook ad and start driving cold traffic to it…

Tweet it out to your followers.

The opportunities are nearly limitless.
Imagine For A Moment...
Having the power, the skills, and the know-HOW to create your very own list building machines… grow your list with subscribers you actually want what YOU are offering, rather than merely passing by to "get your newsletter" (only to unsubscribe or click the "spam" button later)...

And remember our little example above?

There is a very CLEAR & direct impact between your list size and your income.

Of course, you’ve got to be making offers to make money… that’s a no-brainer… and if you’re doing that, then you can expect to see your income grow as your list grows.

Imagine how that would feel...

To know that after you've built just ONE of these list growing machines, you're subscriber base will begin to grow and you will finally start seeing the results you've been craving in your business.

Want to make an extra $1,000 per month? Start by growing your list to 1,000 new leads.

Want to make an extra $10,000 per month? Grow it to 10,000 leads.

How about an extra $60,000 per month? You know what you need to do… Grow your list to 60,000 leads.

Results do vary depending on what you're selling of course, but the PROOF is there. It's possible, and it happens time and time again.

But, if you’re creating funnels like we teach you, and you’re making LEGITIMATE offers that you believe in, then there is no cap on how BIG your results can be.
Why Should I Listen To You?
Fair Question...
Nick Haubner
  • We attract 100's of NEW leads PER DAY from the very same marketing funnels I’m going to share with you how to create ...
  • I've created the marketing systems (including the follow up emails, pages, and even the sales scripts) for 2 product launches earning over $1,000,000...
  • Current helping one of my clients get over 10,000+ leads in every month consistently.
  •  And we have helped dozens of other folks just like you start growing their list with more ease and speed...
What Else Can i Expect To See Inside This Course?
How to build a simple “free giveaway” in 10-minutes or less (this is in the "Testimonial Bonus")
The BEST software to use for creating your pages faster, easier, and with less headache (and why we don't even bother with any other system...)
How to craft bullet points that evoke curiosity and intrigue your visitor into trading their information for your give-away...
The #1 reason why asking for “name & email” versus just “email” is the better LONG-TERM strategy (hint: folks who you can connect with on a first-name basis will stick around longer and engage with you more)
7 copywriting-tricks that’ll INSTANTLY make your "selling" messages more persuasive & enticing (plus a HUGE resource file with templates and "done-for-you" headline builders)
Who This IS For...
The "Magnetic List Building Blueprint" is for YOU if...
 You’re an action taker and plan on getting inside this course and implementing these lessons into your business right now.
 You have BIG GOALS and know that you can do this, but you feel like you’re missing a few pieces. We can help you.
 You’re all about creating a bigger impact in your own life and others and only sell courses, products, and services that you believe are good and can genuinely help others. What you’re about to learn will enable you to sell ANYTHING. So, I want to be sure that you’re not going to use these lessons for bad…
Who This Is NOT For...
The "Magnetic List Building Blueprint" is for YOU if...
 You’re not really excited about building your business and you’re comfortable where you are currently…
 You’re the type who buys up lots of courses but rarely ever goes through the content or implements what you learn…
 You don’t accept accountability for yourself and your business and think that anyone other than yourself is responsible for your results…
But, if you're driven to make your business a success, then you're going to do GREAT in this course and I think you're really gonna love it.

So, here's EXACTLY what you're going to see when you get inside...
Here's What You're Getting In Module ONE...
Video #1 - "5 Capture Page Casestudies"
Nothing quite like some REAL-World examples, right? Well, that's exactly what we're kicking this course off with...

We'll dive head first into 5 different capture pages to share with you what worked, what didn't, and how to avoid our mistakes and make your pages near-perfect.
($47 Value)
Video #2 - "3 Capture Page Funnel Flows"
There are several dozen types of funnel flows... If you can think it, you can do it. But, not all are equally valuable.

In this video, you'll discover 3 types. ONE of them is to be AVOID like the plague. We'll show you the CORRECT way to build your lead attraction funnel.
($67 Value)
Video #3 - "Mind-mapping Your Funnel"
Now, you're well equip to start mapping out your own "capture page funnel blueprint..."

But, you're not alone... We're going to do this together, step-by-step, so you're ready for Module 2, where we'll begin building your lead-generation machine!
($37 Value)
Here's What You're Getting In Module TWO...
Video #1 - "Setting Up Your Integrations"
Time to TRANSFORM your brilliant blueprint into a living lead-getting funnel.

First, we're going to setup some of the preliminary "techy" stuff. Some folks are deadly afraid of technology... That's why we created this video FIRST. You'll be well taken care of in this video and the next ones to come.
*We use ClickFunnels, but you can use any tool that you like to build your capture page funnels with.
($37 Value)
Video #2 - "Creating Your Funnel"
Now for the fun part!

We're gonna "roll up" our digital sleeves and start putting the puzzle pieces in place. In this video we'll walk you through each step in creating your funnel pages. This is really where you ideas become REALITY.
($47 Value)
Video #3 - "Designing Your Capture Page"
We're all setup now!

But, it's time to make this thing look gorgeous. In this video, you'll discover some important design tips and tricks that'll turn any dull marketing page into a conversion MACHINE. Let's dive in...
($37 Value)
Video #4 - "Building Your Thank You Page"
As you'll learn in the first Module, there are a few different types of "list building funnels..."

In this video, you're going to build your thank you page according to your blueprint from Module #1. It's a lot more fun than it sounds - We have a unique SPIN on Thank You pages in your lead funnels...
($47 Value)
Here's What You're Getting In Module THREE...
Video #1 - "Crafting Your Copy"
Truly, this used to be the HARDEST thing for me...

That's probably why it's not the easiest - We tend to solve our biggest struggles with the most amount of attention to resources and shortcuts.

In this video, I'm sharing with you ALL sorts of my personal copywriting templates, resources, and "done-for-you" builders. This is an incredible module.
($97 Value)
"15 Headline Formulas"
Even if you LOVE writing persuasive copy (which is a rare gift) I know you'll love these templates.

Templates are how I got my start. I actually wasn't a very good copywriter before. Now-a-days someone can send me a simple one word topic and I'll spin up a headline with complete ease. That'll happen to you too when you use these templates often.
($37 Value)
"The Ultimate Copywriting Toolbox"
I LOVE easy.

There's ZERO reason to complicate things. That's why I have so many resources, templates, and formulas. I NEVER start from scratch and you won't have to either, because I'm giving you my BEST resources in this module.
($77 Value)
Already that's a $530.00 Value!
But, we're not finished yet... Because this course really wouldn't be complete without these additional FREE bonuses that come along with it when you take action today.

Let's take a look...
Your Special BONUSES!
Bonus #1 - "9 Do-NOTs of Design"
Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is even more valuable than knowing what to do.

In this bonus, I share 9 things you MUST avoid at all cost if you're going to create a high converting lead funnel. Watch this video and take note of the nine "deadly" mistakes!
($47 Value)
Bonus #2 - "3-Point Video Formula"
I don't use videos on all of my capture pages, but when I do, I rely on a proven formula.

This 3-point video formula is easy enough to remember when you're recording your video (in one take) yet powerful enough to add that EXTRA "oomph" to get your prospect to become a lead.
($37 Value)
Bonus #3 - "Three Legal Page Templates"
Such a highly neglected element, yet so important.

It's a fact that when you have your legal links on your capture pages, your ads are more likely to get approved than without them...

Worry not about what to say... I'm giving you all 3 of our legal page templates. Just fill in all the blanks and you're ready to be compliant and SAFE!
($57 Value)
Bonus #4 - "54 Swipe-n-Deploy Templates"
Did I mention that I LOVE templates and hate starting from scratch?

Well, as one final bonus, I wanted to share with you one of my own creation from several years of experience and resource digging. These are VERY unique and powerful swipe-n-deploy templates. Yours when you ACT NOW.
($37 Value)
Now that's $708.00 in REAL Value!

At $708.00, you'd be getting a COMPLETE ROADMAP for creating unlimited Lead Generation funnels that can work for you day-in and day-out - attracting dozens (and even 100's) of brand new leads every single DAY.

Wouldn't it be worth it is ALL this course showed you how to do was create ONE working funnel that attracted even just 10 new leads per day.

What might that mean for your business if you had 10 NEW people taking a look at what you have to offer them? What if just 1 of them bought a $37... or even $200 product from you?

Would it be worth it then?


But, that's NOT what you're going to pay to get inside the "Magnetic List Building Blueprint TODAY...

In fact, you won't even pay half of that, which would be completely worth it at $354.00...


That's not your one-time investment either. Actually, you're not going to pay even HALF of THAT. See...

I wanted this course to be accessible to EVERYONE.

It's the foundation for any successful business... and you now know this if you've been reading along with us for this entire time.

You KNOW that "the money really is in the LIST" and growing yours starting right NOW is the most important thing you can do for your success.

So, today...

You can get inside all 3 modules... you can get access to ALL of the resource files and "action guides"... you can get access to EVERYTHING...

For just ONE easy payment of $97.
For A VERY Limited Time...
When The Timer Expires at 00:00:00 the Price WILL Increase to $97.
Just One Easy Payment Of $37 Today
Yes, I Want to Start Building My Own List Building Machine!
Now that's ONLY While The Timer Lasts...
I like taking care of fast action takers because I know that we’re the type who create the biggest results. 

So, when you take action NOW, you’ll be able to grab the Magnetic List Building Blueprint for only $37 bucks.

Now, if you wait…

The timer will automatically expire and you’ll be permanently redirected to a new page… and you’ll have to pay $97 if you want to get inside the Magnetic List Building Blueprint at that point.

But, even more important than that…

If you don’t take action now… when will you make the decision to invest in your business, in your self, and in your future results?

You’re worth it!

Let’s be honest here… $37 bucks is a VERY small investment compared to what you’re getting here.

Personally, I’ve spent hundreds more on courses that deliver far less. You won’t find another course as comprehensive anywhere else. That’s what we pride ourselves on. ALWAYS over-delivering in value.
100% Money Back Guarantee
To take the pressure off of you, and put it all on the success of our training, I want to make a deal with you...

I’m going to give you 30 Risk Free days to get inside the Magnetic List Building Blueprint. Go through each of the modules. Watch the videos. Implement what you learn. And download all of the notes and PDFs… 

If after 30 days, you still don’t like the course… if you get inside and it’s not exactly as I promised here… and if you get inside and realize that it’s just not for you… I will refund you 100% of your money back. I’m willing to do this, because I KNOW that this is the best “Lead Funnel” training course out there. I know you’re going to love it.
So, now you see!

You've got ZERO to lose, and a whole lot to gain. I'm here for you, and I want nothing more than to see you SUCCEED. That's why we create courses as comprehensive, complete, and easy-to-follow as the Magnetic List Building Blueprint.

Click the button below, and let's get started right now.
For A VERY Limited Time...
When The Timer Expires at 00:00:00 the Price WILL Increase to $97.
Just One Easy Payment Of $37 Today
Yes, I Want to Start Building My Own List Building Machine!
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