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"The gap between lame, pitchy selling and powerful, expert-level selling is subtle and simple to bridge."

Come Hangout With Nick Haubner

Discover how to create a simple 'profit-producing' list building funnel...

July 19th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST  - 5:00 PM PST
(*That's This Wednesday)
Live Online Event
How To Sell More, Gain Happier Customers, And Look Great Doing It...
"Selling" is a strange art. One moment you're an expert salesman (or saleswoman). You're pitching your friend on the greatest new restaurant in town. I mean, this food... the wine... It was mindblowingly delicious. The experience was absolutely delightful... The live music... the wonderful waiters who seemed to know the precise moment when you needed a refill. You really must treat yourself to this place...

You see. You're expert. Your friend's desire to go is so strong now that they can hardly escape the week without planning a date night to that new restaurant.


If I ask you to sell me something that you (a) created (b) make a commission from or (c) somehow have a stake in the earnings of...

The game changes. We crumble. We get all awkward. We start to use words, phrases, and hype that we've never used before... Then we wonder why we're having such a difficult time "selling" our stuff.

Well... There is an art to it. But, as you can see from our little 'tale' above, the difference between near expert-level persuasion and pitchy, awkward selling is very subtle. Why is it that we don't think to use the same tactics.
Extremely Limited Spots - Grab your spot now! (we really only have 100 spots on our line)

July 6th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST  - 5:00 PM PST
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